A collection of functions for web development

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Great Various

Many categories, such as character, string, date, dom, cookie, url and so on.

TypeScript Support

Including sufficient TypeScript type definitions

Small Size

Use the babel-plugin-lodash to reduce the bundle size.

# What is Micell?

Micell (pronounced /maɪˈsel/, like my-cell) is a collection of functions which is used with web development daily. Micell only includes the common functions in the most projects. Also, for integrity, it will include some uncommon functions.

# What is not Micell?

  • It is not a replace to Lodash, Momentjs or Dayjs.
  • It is not to include all utility functions in your application.

# Why Micell?

  • Shared in community: You don't need to write the common utility functions repeatedly. Micell make reusing across all projects.
  • Typescript support: Source code is written with TypeScript. And type declaration files is bundled in npm package.
  • High reliability: Test in all modern browsers, even in IE 11. Up to 96% test coverage.
  • Import as need: Use babel-plugin-lodash to import the used modules.

# Install


npm i --save micell


yarn add micell


If you want to use micell with <script> directly, you can use jsDelivr (opens new window).

The latest version:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/micell"></script>

The specific version:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/micell@0.15.0/dist/micell.js"></script>

The ES Modules version:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/micell@0.15.0/dist/micell.esm.browser.js"></script>

The micell also exists in unpkg (opens new window).

# Usage

import micell from 'micell'

// Generate a random string

// Get a cookie value

More functions see the Docs.

Tip: You can try micell in the console of browser which is exported as the global micell object.

# Reduce the bundle size

You can use the babel-plugin-lodash (opens new window) to bundle the methods as you needed.


  "plugins": [
    ["lodash", { "id": ["micell"] }]